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Octopress Tools

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After the move to Octopress I started trying out Android and iOS tools for editing Markdown on my mobile devices.

On Android Epistle.

On iOS Nocs.

Both integrate with Dropbox.

This entry was originally edited with Epistle on my Samsung Galaxy S II. Only problem was default use of a .txt extension, that makes it slightly trickier to integrate into workflow.

Then I refined this by switching to Nocs on an iPad, that worked very smoothly.

Manually editing the header values is also less than smooth. Perhaps the best workflow is to edit staging text and paste into full post when at a Linux prompt on a suitable machine. This would leave the header until then.

I setup Dropbox on my Octopress editing machine, and was able to easily migrate directly into Octopress. I have tweaked the Ruby rake file to allow the use of .md as the default extension rather than the original .markdown extension.

So the final editor I have used to finish the post is joe (I know, you’d expect vim or emacs, that’s just me, I like joe).