27 February 2002

Local Loops

BBC News | SCI/TECH | Which broadband technology will win? looks at the battle for controlling the local loop in emerging networks.

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Nokia branding NGOSS

Nokia OSS Nokia are brand Next Generation Operations Supports Systems (NGOSS) and Nokia OSS, interesting links to TSSG's AlbatrOSS project.

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Positive Internet Company

The Positive Internet Company - Managed Dedicated Servers - The Enterprise Range

Hosting with SuSE in the UK for 」9000 per anum.

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dynamicsoft - SIP-based Infrastructure Solutions for Converged Communications Networks - Session Initiation Protocol company behind SIP and other telecoms/Ip-based services concepts.

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Sun's Service-Driven Network

Tomorrow's Carrier Network: The Service-Driven Network: Solstice Enterprise Manager Sun's concept of a service driven network is where the TSSG space exists, enabling new services managed in IP-based networks, potentially on new and emerging networks (e.g. 3G).

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IT Papers

ITpapers - White Paper Search is a syndicataion site for IT white papers.

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SuSE Financial position

ZDNet |UK| - News - Linux Lounge - Story - SuSE expects break-even second quarter looks like they may be able to for an IPO soon.

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Web Standards Project

The Web Standards Project: Fighting for Standards in our Browsers is the old site for the web standards project. The new phase is due to be launched soon.

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Favelets are a series of useful browser buttons implemented using JavaScript which add some handy funtionality to the browsing experience.

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26 February 2002

CalTech Center for Advanced Networking

Lee Center for Advanced Networking Excellent research lab in California working on many aspects of computing and telecommunications.

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25 February 2002

Papers Invited (Calls for Papers planner)

Papers Invited (inbox) I regestered for this planner for Calls for Papers. To early to say how useful it is yet.

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Netcraft Survey

Netcraft Web Server Survey is a useful analysis of the current web servers in use, as well as other comments on the trends in the industry. Published very month.

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22 February 2002

End of Free

The End of Free Discussion and examples of movement from free to fee-based web services. Food for thought. Suggested to me by Shane Dempsey, cheers :-)

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RSSify Your Site

RSSify Simply way to auto-create RSS XML from a news-based site.

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Blogger Pro

Blogger Pro - Power Push-Button Publishing Professional blogg hosting site. Looks good. See also the free version at Blogger.com

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Independent Web information

The Future Independent Web: Visions Of What's To Come! Loads of interesting links on the philopsophy of the web, design and useability issues.

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16 February 2002

Linux Termianal Server Project

LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project - v3.0 This is the way to configure multiple Linux machines in WIT with the minimal hassle. Also good for our potential TestBed 1U Machines booting off another server.

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DELL Lightweight UltraPortable

Dell - Latitude c400 DELL's option for a lightweight ultra-portable PC.

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Ericsson's T68 now available in Ireland.

Cellular World - Mobile Phone Retailer - Ireland

Ericssons T68 available in Ireland - one of first GPRS handsets, certainly one of first with tri-band, bluetooth and colour screen!

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Toshiba Portege 4000

Toshiba Ireland Looks like you need to order a few extras to get the standard pack with this.

Reviews say Bluetooth & WiFI is great.

Note also that no touchpad, just joystick mouse.

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14 February 2002

John Udell's Home Page

Jon Udell is a portal for links to lots of things including articles by John himself (always very informative) and links to active discussion threads on the local newsgroups he monitors (alternative web access as well as with a newsreader).

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6 February 2002

BSCW Information

FhG Fokus own the BSCW groupware discussion tool:

BSCW Home Page

Download Page

They offer educational licences (reduced rate/free).

Also found some good overviews of Groupware in general at:

Usability First Groupware

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Installed BLOGG


Installed this BLOGG tool on personal website.

Will use to track websites, and browsings.

Set all options to disable others commenting/rating, as this is intended for personal use only.


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