27 March 2002

Gauss VIP

Gaus VIP modulal content management solutions.

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Percussion's Rhythmyx

Rhythmyx content management system from Percussion.

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Roxen Internet Software - Products web content management software.

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Ektron's emPower

Ektron's emPower web content management system, builds on MS-ASP or ColdFusion.

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OpenText LiveLink

About Livelink OpenText Web Content Management System.

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Interwoven TeamSite

Interwoven Products - TeamSite Content Management Another Web Content Management System.

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Content Management: Editions - Home Documentum Web Content Management.

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Use 2048 keys for PKI

SecurityFocus home mailing list: BugTraq reccommends the use of 2048 PKI keys rather than 1024 as it is now reasonable to assume that big government agancies in a number of countries have the facilities to crack the smaller keys relatively quickly.

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25 March 2002

Don Knuth's home page

Don Knuth's Home Page One of the heros of computer science, author of excellent books on computing (The Art of Computer Programming), and of TeX (Central TeX Archive Network).

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MSXML Versions

Top XML : MSXML Parsers This links to an XML MSXML parser sniffer, which checks the versions of MSXML available on your client machine: Sniffer. The page also contains links to useful refernce on MSXML.

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22 March 2002

EU Local Loop

ZDNet |UK| - News - Story - EC cracks down on local-loop unbundling EU Local Loop - regulator, deregulating the local loop - Ireland and other countries falling foul of EU regulators.

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Univeristies and the Web

Main Articles: 'The Management of Content: Universities and the Electronic Publishing Revolution', Ariadne Issue 28 An well written article on the use of the web in the University sector. Comparisons are drawn with the printing revolution of the 15th century.

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21 March 2002

List of content management systems

Bublos.com : Book Price Comparisons > Directory Search Results A list of links to content management systems built on XML technologies.

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Content Management Systems - Terminal4

TERMINALFOUR Content Management Solutions - Home A content management system for web-based access.

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19 March 2002

Virtual Model

My Virtual Model Inc. - Welcome A site for modelling yourself.

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MOSIX openMosix & Parallel Perl

MOSIX An interesting parallel processing system, now open source in openMosix as described by Moshe Bar. Note that there is a parallel Perl module which supports execuation in Mosix/OpenMosix: Parallel-ForkManager.

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IBM Mainframes S/390 running Linux

IBM and Linux an interesting article refuting some of Sun's claims about Linux on IBM mainfames, especially the S/390, and an especially interesting account of emulation software for IBM's z/VM virtual operating system environment.

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Dublin as an e-City

Dublin e-City Report Dublin as an e-City, an interesting report by Chris Horn (Iona Technologies).

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Irish Broadband Rings

Irish Fitted for Broadband Rings covers the Irish Government's initiative to fund broadband access in the regions.

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UK Flexible working

Headline news from Sky News - UK Flexible Working saw this on Sky News last night, covering a UK report on Flexible Working.

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14 March 2002

Eircom DSL i-stream

Irish Times Article - Breakthrough in dispute between Eircom and Doyle on DSL system Eircom DSL i-stream may be able to be rolled out by May 2002, with a cost of 50EUR for resellers.

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Movable Type: Blogger

MOVABLE TYPE :: Personal Publishing System May be a better blogger than GreyMatter? Might upgrade, as it can import from GreyMatter.

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Google vs AltaVista

Google's weakness and AltaVista's strength An interesting response to a provocative article on the virtues and vices of Google and AltaVista search engines. There is still a place for both, though Google is my normal choiice, I agree with the authors comments about exclusion searching "-" and speed of registration..

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O'Reilly Emerging Technology Briefs: Identity

O'Reilly Network: Emerging Technology Briefs: Identity [Feb. 27, 2002] An interesting series of technology briefings, this one focused on the issue of identify core to p2p and web services and security.

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13 March 2002

Hosting Strategies

Hosting Strategies at JamesGLewis.com Good advice on hosting strategies, a personal account, with many excellent tips.

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Euromap: Welcome page A portal site for Natural Language Processing initiatives and infromation. Funded by an EU project.

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Common Criteria

International Common Criteria Project Homepage Good portal site for security information, may have a tendency to be over-paranoid.

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12 March 2002


CORDIS: IST: Home Page EU Information Society Strategy research funding home page. Funds majority of IT/ICT projects in EU. See also TEN Telecom, and E-Content.

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COS Funding

Community of Science - Research funding, expertise, abstract publishing for academia and industry A Portal site for research funding.

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10 March 2002

Linux Commands

Linux Command Index An excellent on-line reference for Linux commands, taken from the O'Reilly Linux in a Nutshell reference book.

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O'Reilly Open Source Convention 2002

O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention 2002 THis event covers many excellent topics including Perl and Perl 6, Apache with XML, Java with XML all with a focus on the practical use of open source technologies to solve real problems.

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8 March 2002

WSDL Interop Adventures.

WSDL Interop Adventures - an interesting blow-by-blow account of trying to get SOAP WSDL servers to interoperate using four environments: Perl's SOAP::Lite, Java GLUE, Radio UserLand's own scripting, and Microsfoft's Visual Studio (tested with C#). Food for thought indeed.

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Irish Information Society Commission

ISC Homepage (Irish Information Society Commission) has on-line reports and documents relevant to the Information Society.

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List of Internet History Links

History of the Internet presents a list of Internet history links, including the Hobbes' Internet Timeline.

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7 March 2002

Earthweb article on JAIN

Earthweb Networking and Communications: Java: JAIN's Addiction: The Java Advanced Intelligent Network a user-friendly introduction to concepts, with a software developer's emphasis.

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The Parlay Group

The Parlay Group home page.

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Sun's JAIN APIs White Paper

Sun's JAIN APIs White Paper explains how JAIN enables a combination of the telecommunications Intelligent Network concept, with the Internet.

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Ericsson Parlay/OSA White Paper

Ericsson Parlay/OSA White Paper discusses the role of open standards in the data-centric networks emerging (as opposed to the voice-centric telecommunications networks of the past).

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6 March 2002


Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1 Logging this reference site of the SOAP 1.1 protocol for future reference.

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4 March 2002

The Worldwide Computer

Scientific American: Feature Article: The Worldwide Computer: March 2002 A vision of how the network will be the computer, as Scott McNealy (CEO of Sun Microsystems) has been saying for some time.

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Sun, Java and NGOSS

Java OSS Initiative This initiative may provide a platform for AlbatrOSS.

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Wonder Web

Wonder Web is a project investigating Semantic Web technologies. The URL was sent to me by Sean O Miadhachain of Sabhal M Ostaig, Skye, Scotland who is one of the prime authors of our HERO proposal, sent in Call 7, and resubmitted in Call 8 of the IST programme.

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