31 May 2002

SOAP Services for SMS Messages

smsx Web Service a SOAP Services for SMS Messages.

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26 May 2002

Index of Irish On-Lines Shopping Sites

BuyEire.com - Online shopping for Ireland An Index of Irish On-Lines Shopping Sites.

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21 May 2002

B-DSL (Satellite Internet Access in Ireland)

B-DSL (Satellite Internet Access in Ireland) from a Cork based company, Media Satellite.

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15 May 2002

On-line SSH client

On-line SSH client

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13 May 2002

SpamBouncer (uses procmail filers)

The SpamBouncer: a Procmail-Based Spam Filter

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SPEWS DNS Blacklists

SPEWS.ORG - the internet's Spam Prevention Early Warning System. [DNS Deny] will publish Bind 8 and Bind 9 lists of DNS servers to deny queries for (due to blacklisting after activity such as email spamming).

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OpenSSH Key management (Part 3)

Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 3 from IBM's Developerworks.

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OpenSSH Key management (Part 2)

Common threads: OpenSSH key management, Part 2 from IBM's Developerworks.

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OpenSSH Key management (Part 1)

Common threads -- OpenSSH key management, Part 1 from IBM's Developerworks.

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11 May 2002

Wi-Fi News Portal

(802.11b/WiFi News) an excellent news portal for hardware, software and business related news on the issue of wireless access points.

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10 May 2002

Computing Research Repository (CoRR)

Computing Research Repository (CoRR) including LaTeX style guidelines.

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Technology Foresight Documents

Irish Council for Science Technology and Innovation (ICSTI) Technology Foresight Documents

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Sputnik WiFi

Sputnik Gateway Software Similar to Boingo, but allows for some shared free access as well as shared for a fee access via other people's WiFi networks. Both are based on free distribution of a Win32 client which simplifies the authentication, security and management issues by centralising these on a shared authorisation server on the Internet.

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Boingo WiFi

Boingo Wireless WiFi system which allows networks to share bandwidth with other existing users.

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List of all National Holidays in many countries.

Official list of Bank Holidays List of all National Holidays in many countries.

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8 May 2002

Brussels Metro Map

metroPlanet > Europe > Belgium > BRUSSELS (Bruxelles) Metro and Premetro (Subway) Brussels Metro Map

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7 May 2002


TIBCO Extensibility XML Infrastructure Solutions TIBCO TurboXML is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing and managing XML assets. With facilities for creating, validating, converting, and managing XML schemas, XML files and DTDs, TurboXML provides a best-of-class XML implementation platform that combines industry leading XML solutions (XML schema authoring, XML instance editing, and XML project management) into an simple and intuitive IDE. TurboXML, which is currently deployed in thousands of organizations around the world, is the first XML IDE to offer comprehensive support for the latest XML standard - the XML Schema Recommendation.

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5 May 2002


Trinux: A Linux Security Toolkit Linux Security Toolkit (small distribution).

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phpGroupware PHP-based group application suite with many plugin modules.

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twiggi web-based groupware

twiggi twiggi web-based groupware (neddix IT Consulting und -Services, Stuttgart)

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Jon's Radio, Musings on XML

Jon's Radio, Musings on XML I'm linking here to one day of Jon Udell's on-line Radio Userland Blog as it includes interesting musing on the disadvantages of over complex XML (as supported by Dale Dougherty) to quote from Jon's blog:

Last night, I had dinner with Dale Dougherty, who has been around the track a few times when it comes to processing structured text. (Dale wrote the 1990 classic, sed and awk.) What bugs him lately? Overly complex XML schemas. Less is more, he has concluded.

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Managing the Connected Organization, Valdis Krebs

Managing the Connected Organization Valdis Krebs, 2002, makes some interesting arguments about connected organisations.

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O Reilly Network: The Semantic Web: It is Whom You Know [Apr. 19, 2002]

O'Reilly Network: The Semantic Web: It's Whom You Know [Apr. 19, 2002] stimulating article pointing out the huge effort required for most web content to be marked up so that it can be more meaningfully indexed and searched, rather than brute force word indexing as is done at present.

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Mike Lin (W2K Utilities)

Mike Lin's Home Page W2K Utility programs - including a startup monitor.

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2 May 2002

Election Ireland

Electireland: Ireland's website for the undecided voter. Fun political survey included.

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