30 October 2002

Sun to join WS-I

The Register: Sun to join WS-I there had been a rist between MS, IBM and the others who set up the WS-I excluding Sun, but this may now be resolved as Sun joined this week, and will have a seat on the board. Part of the rumours of discord were linked to suggestions that IBM might charge royaly fees for use of some concepts in Web Services in particular ebXML (actually sponsored by Sun and the UN). The WS-I fast track the slower W3C processes for some standards relating to Web Services.

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Web Services Architect

Web Services Architect portal site for Web Services news.

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Enterprise Applications Integration (EAI) Journal

eAI Journal a journal dedicated to Enterprise Applications Integration.

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Enterprise Application Integration portal

eaiQ: Independent resource for enterprise application integration (eai) and infrastructure Enterprise Application Integration portal

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Search site comparison matrix

Internet Search Engine Comparison Search site comparison matrix: Google, AltaVista, AllThewWeb

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28 October 2002

End-to-End Arugments in System Design (Saltzer, Reed, Clark)

End-to-End Arugments in System Design (Saltzer, Reed, Clark) MIT

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Reliable Web services (Jon Udell)

Reliable Web services Jon Udell, InfoWorld Test Center

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13 October 2002

Open Source Development Lab: Carrier Grade Linux

Open Source Development Lab a project to develop a telecommunications applications platform based on Linux.

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Introduction to carrier grade Linux

Introduction to carrier grade Linux Applied-Computing.net article on an interesting project to build a platform based on Linux for telecommunications applications development and deployment.

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