30 December 2002

Moveable Type

Well I finally did it (prior to the start of 2003) and migrated from Greymatter to MT (Moveable Type). I have still to experiment further with the categories, and perhaps start a separate log for personal use with more strict security.

Looks like MT supports two types of RSS out of the box, but not RSS 2.0. This is okay for me at present.

The categories do not seem to allow for secure and insecure audiences, as all entries are archived in a single directory. Maybe archiving by category, and not individually would allow more security, but I think separate blogs with web server security per directory will be required.

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What is RSS? by Mark Pilgrim

XML.com: What is RSS? [Dec. 18, 2002] A useful modern article on RSS with up-to-date links to the various standards, and to tools which can process, create, and read RSS XML newfeeds.

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19 December 2002

Digital Ecosystems

Digital Ecosystems "The essence of Digital Ecosystems is establishing streamlined, interconnected internal and external processes required for business operation implemented over a robust and reliable distributed infrastructure with sufficient control and monitoring systems."

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18 December 2002

IST FP6 1st Call

CORDIS IST FP6 1st Call You can download all the details for making an EU project proposal for the Sixth Framework 1st Call from this site. Officially published on 17th December 2002.

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15 December 2002

ISOC Home Page (Internet Society)

Internet Society (ISOC) - All About ISOC Want to keep track of where ISOC 2003 will be held. ISOC 2002 was in Arlington VA in June. I met someone in KTH, Stockhom, who presented there, and it looked like a good central event with many interests in the same place. Looks like IPv6 Forum meets there at the same time.

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10 December 2002

Gordano GMS

Gordano Homepage A mail system to drop in to replace email.

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5 December 2002

Wireless security

The Unofficial 802.11 Security Web Page a good set of links to wireless security information.

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Phillips pronto

PHILIPS Pronto - Royal Philips Electronics Universal controller.

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