21 March 2003

Texas Instruments Bluetooth/WiFi/GSM in one chip

Texas Instruments have announced a chipset with Bluetooth, WiFi and GSM in one chip: Tech Investor: TI's magic Wanda - Mar. 20, 2003 (thanks to Damien Nangle of the TSSG for alerting me to this snippit).

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18 March 2003

Sensor Networking with IEEE 1451

In the TSSG we have been exploring the concept of using wirless networking for sensor networks as part of number of projects, yet we were mysteriously unaware of these proposed standards: Sensors - September 2001 - The Next Step--A Wireless IEEE 1451 Standard for Smart Sensor Networks This is quite an old article, but shows how IEEE 1451 is being positioned in relation to the (more familar to us) IEEE 802 standards.

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17 March 2003

St Patrick's Day 2003

Stradbally Cove, St Patrick's Day 2003
Well, I'm actually posting this a few days late, but last Monday, 17th March 2003, St Patrick's Day, I popped down to our local beach: Stradbally Cove in Co. Waterford, Ireland. I took my new Digital Ixus camera (a Christmas present) and shot a couple of pictures and a short movie. I've edited (well, stuck together) these into a little AVI file if you fancy downloading a few megs Stradbally Cove (Warning: 17 Meg); also available is an unedited shot of waves coming in at the nearby beach in Bunmahon, Co. Waterford waves at Bunmahon (Warning: 10 Meg). The sound quality of these is not great, but the soundtrack on the former is better. (Please note: there was a mixup when I originally posted this -- only the Bunmahon video was available but it was incorrectly named as if it were the Stradbally Cove video).

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16 March 2003

First Post from PDA

I have recently acquired a PDA (a Dell Axim running Pocket PC). This is my first weblog posting from this device made via a Compact Flash WiFi card connected via the local hotspot in my home, then via the local ethernet in the house to my home PC (actually running W2k). Finally via ISDN (on USB) via my ISP (Eircom.net) to the Internet. Given that I live in the country in Ireland, I don't have any other broadband options at present, so it is not a permanent Internet link. So there you go, welcome to the wireless conected PDA.

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8 March 2003

Building a quiet home server

I came across this informative tale lectroid.net::quietbox when searching for information on building a quiet home server. Looks like it can be done.

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3 March 2003


The FILExt - The File Extension Source site is an annotated list of links to explain any file extension you might come across. This is a very useful reference site, especially when you acquire a new device/operating system and are a bit confused about the extensions and the applications.

UPDATE 2006-07-11 Also worth a look for this purpose http://www.fileinfo.net/

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2 March 2003


Popdex : the website popularity index another blogger and web server aggregator.

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And then Wearables got interesting

Reading Andersja's Blog I came across this interesting article titled And then Wearables got interesting which looks at whether we will access information over ubiquitous networks, or keep local caches on our person. There are good arguments for both. However, there currently exist network blackspots where networking is not allowed (e.g. on flights) so local caches may be a winner in the short term.

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1 March 2003

Mazes and Labyrinths

This is a useful page of links about Mazes and Labyrinths: Think Labyrinth, Maze Glossary. I have just heard about the use of labyrinths (unicursal mazes) for meditation and spiritual purposes. All very interesting.

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Wireless Software Links

Seattle Wireless'Wireless Software Links show where to get useful utilities and enabling software when setting up wireless networks, or investigating them. One of the most common Windows utilities is: netstumbler.

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