17 March 2003

St Patrick's Day 2003

Stradbally Cove, St Patrick's Day 2003
Well, I'm actually posting this a few days late, but last Monday, 17th March 2003, St Patrick's Day, I popped down to our local beach: Stradbally Cove in Co. Waterford, Ireland. I took my new Digital Ixus camera (a Christmas present) and shot a couple of pictures and a short movie. I've edited (well, stuck together) these into a little AVI file if you fancy downloading a few megs Stradbally Cove (Warning: 17 Meg); also available is an unedited shot of waves coming in at the nearby beach in Bunmahon, Co. Waterford waves at Bunmahon (Warning: 10 Meg). The sound quality of these is not great, but the soundtrack on the former is better. (Please note: there was a mixup when I originally posted this -- only the Bunmahon video was available but it was incorrectly named as if it were the Stradbally Cove video).

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