13 December 2003

Jon Udell's mindshare tool

Catching up on Jon Udell's weblog showed that he'd updated his mindshare tool: Jon Udell: Web mindshare calculator revisited. I had read and been excited by his original posting in 1999, and it seems just as interesting today. The mindshare tool was originally a perl script which pulled all the sites from a Yahoo! category and then queried AltaVista for how many other sites linked to each of those Yahoo! sites extracted. The idea being that this gives a good map of the web "mindshare", and a clue as to which sites were mst relevant to a particular category. The updated version looks at multiple different search engines (including Google, accessed via its web services SOAP interface). It is still an interesting concept and an excellent of an aggregated service using the capabilities of the modern web. Posted by mofoghlu at December 13, 2003 12:33 PM | TrackBack