2 March 2004

Joint AlbatrOSS & Opium Workshop

People often ask me what I do in the TSSG (Telecommunications Software & Systems Group), and sometimes I am a bit stuck for an answer. This is beause the constant involvement in trying to win funding for new projects in the general area of distributed computing and in communications software can be a bit abstract. Like many managers I spend a lot of time in meetings, this doesn't sound very exciting. However, I really beleive in what the TSSG are trying to achieve and it is usually quite hard to articulate this vision in a concrete way.

Recently however, two (of the 11 or so) projects our group is involved in at the moment held an open workshop and published on-line as much material as they could about this. The resulting page of links captures the type of activity we have done (in the two projects Opium and AlbatrOSS) and also where we're heading (in the overviews of the new projects: SEINIT, and Daidalos). Of course there are many links to other projects we're involved in, and these projects build on many previous strands of activity.

AlbatrOSS & Opium Workshop (Berlin 25th Feb 2004)

In summary these projects have looked at a wide range of issues facing services and service management in wireless networks, with particular focus on the telecommunications services in the 2.5G and 3G networking environments. Opium has promoted 2.5G and 3G interoperability testing between different operators and service providers. AlbatrOSS has tried to define an managament architecture for 3G services.

For further information see:

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