3 March 2004

Patterns for Enterprise Appliucation Artcitecture

The TSSG are currently designing a taught MSc in Communications Software (that will share modules with other taught MScs in Software Engineering offered in WIT) and we are exploring at ways of formalising the design knowledge required for such a course. Eamonn de Leastar (a colleague) alerted me to this excellent book: Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture (Martin Fowler). Building a module around this could help make it generic enough to of value to a range of taught MSc offerings. A related book is Enterprise Integration Patterns (Hohpe & Woolf), the link it to a portal site where similar issues are discussed. I was impressed by the simple clarity of Hohpe's discussion around the areas of message-oriented middleware and loose coupling Asynchronous Messaging Architectures in Practice. This is related to the interesting work on the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) of Roy Fielding's PhD dissertation, a retrospective architectural justification for we-based architectures.

All this Design Patterns work is based on the famous Gang of Four Design Patterns (Gamma, Helm, Johnson and Vlissides, 1994) book. Another work colleague, Karl Sandison, is a big fan had has been using this as part of the undergraduate programme for many years. This distinction is that Fowler and Hohpe explictly focuses on Enterprsie Patterns.

Amazon references:

Patterns of Enterprise Applications Architecture (Fowler, 2002).

Enterprise Integration Patterns (Hohpe & Woolf, 2003).

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