22 April 2004

GNU screen

This entry GNU Screen: an introduction and beginner's tutorial || kuro5hin.org alterted me to a very useful utility, especially when connecting over flaky connections that may get dropped - just log back in and reconnect, cool.

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Copenhagen Consensus

The blog alerted me to the A new way to save the World: The Copenhagen Consensus || kuro5hin.org. I had read the Skeptical Environmentalist and was intrigued, though not won over. For a more realistic consensus see UN Millenium Development Goals.

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It looks like WordPress
could be a contender to replace MoveableType, with some additional features a similer setup and maintenance. The main advantage for me is multiple categories for postings. I don't mind too much that it is PHP-based rather than Perl-based. Anyway, I may have time to check it out.

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17 April 2004

Perl 6: Apocalypse 12

Perl 6, next next version of Perl 5, is being developed over a number of years through an open co-operative process informed by Perl's original creator, Larry Wall. As part of this process Larry releases regular statements of intent for the Perl 6 langauge, and on 16th April 2004 he released perl.com: Apocalypse 12 [Apr. 16, 2004] that address issues relatived to object-orientation in Perl 6. See the following for more information on Perl 6 Development and Parrot (a virtual machine for interpreted languages including Perl 6).

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