28 May 2004

TSSG O2 Home of the Future

The TSSG recently demonstrated at eWeek 2004 in Dublin. This demonstration was based on the concept of a Home of the Future. The idea was to build a demonstration from off-the-shelf components available today on the marketplace, and sow how the use of software protocols and middleware can integrate these into a seemless whole. Thus the whole house that was built (made up a kitchen, sitting room, and a dining room and networked devoces in these areas: X10 for lights, and so on coupled with some Inetrnet enabled devices) could be controlled either from local devices (using WiFi) or via mobile phones (potentially anywhere in the world using GPRS). Full details of this demonstration are available at the TSSG O2 Home of the Future website.

This whole concept is merely the front end of the focus of the TSSG research which is on the converged network software that enables these types of services and manages the network. Here a key theme is the development of models of the lower layers so that higher layer functionality can be independent of the actual physical network used to deliver the services, as far as possible. A key requirement is to enable self-managed self-configuring devices and networks, and the current buzz word for this is the "autonomic network".

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