1 June 2004

QoS for IPv4 and IPv6

The TSSG has been involved in a number of projects that relate to Quality of Service (QoS) for IP networks (both IPv4 and IPv6). The EU FP5 IST Intermon project focused on inter-domain monitoring of QoS. In fact, our contribution to this project was mainly in the software for the measurement and monitoring, and the visualiation of the results. The Irish TSR Strand III funded Converge project looked at QoS, security and accounting for IP networks.

One of the research students on the second of these projects, Jesse Kielthy, published an overview of our approach An initial investigation into QoS provisioning in a DiffServ Network.
It is interesting to see that other research groups have cited this paper as part of the context for QoS in IP e.g. Quality of Service Aspects in an IPv6 Domain (Bouras, Gkamas, Primpas, Stamos) of Research Academic Computer Technology Institute, Patras, Greece.

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