2 July 2004

Home Wi-Fi hotspots typically not encrypted

Whilst Wi-Fi security is a complex issue, is is worrying that many people use no form of encryption as reported in: Security-Free Wireless Networks (Wired News, 30th May 2004).

"SAN JOSE, California -- With a laptop perched in the passenger seat of his Toyota 4Runner and a special antenna on the roof, Mike Outmesguine ventured off to sniff out wireless networks between Los Angeles and San Francisco. He got a big whiff of insecurity.

"While his 800-mile drive confirmed that the number of wireless networks is growing explosively, he also found that only a third used basic encryption -- a key security measure. In fact, in nearly 40 percent of the networks not a single change had been made to the gear's wide-open default settings.


"During his wardrive, Outmesguine counted 3,600 hot spots, compared with 100 on the same route in 2000. Worldwide, makers of Wi-Fi gear for homes and small offices posted sales of more than $1.3 billion in 2003, a 43 percent jump over 2002, according to Synergy Research Group."

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