16 September 2004

Bellheads and Netheads

A recent Jon Udell article alerted me for the first time to the terms "Bellheads" and "Netheads" to refer, respectively, to telecoms people and computer network people. Jon refers back to an old posting of his own that quotes this report: Netheads versus Bellheads
Research into Emerging Policy Issues in the Development and Deployment of Internet Protocols
Final Report For the Federal Department of Industry (Contract Number U4525-9-0038) T.M.Denton Consultants, Ottawa with Fran輟is M駭ard and David Isenberg. This report is no no longer on-line (but is archived PDF on archive.org). The terms live on live on the Internet in this set of slides/pages Netheads versus Bellheads.
The research centre I work in, the TSSG, is all about the convergence of these technologies, particulary in the mobile internet (2.5G, 3G). We try and have a good mix of Bellheads and Netheads!

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