9 October 2004

Shelly Powers critiques light-weight and heavy-weight distributed computing

In this thoughtful article Practical RDF サ Web 2.0 just like Web 1.0 before we got clever Shelly Powers critiques how the light-weight distributed computing bandwagon is setting itself up to make the same mistake it did years ago. There's a lot of talk around this theme, especially at the Web 2.0 Conference (San Francisco, CA, 5th-7th Oct 2004), which is just finished. However I see in the writings of Jon Udell, John Battelle and others that there is a more positive spin can be put on the reemergence of light-weight architectures to challenge the heavy applications server industry. Remember, there's a new platform out there: the mobile connected device (smart PDA, smart phone, smart iPod, or whatever) just waiting for inventive new applications and services that can be programmed using light-weight techniques. Start hacking.....

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