2 October 2004

Siemens merges Enterprise Networking and Mobile Telephony divisions

InfoWorld reports that: InfoWorld: Siemens launches new unit to focus on end-to-end systems : October 01, 2004: By : NETWORKING : TELECOM. They had previously split these divisions up in order to allow for focus, now they've decided there's more milage in combining them. This is a good metaphor for the so-called "convergence" that we've been promised where traditional telecommunications and Internet technologies merge, enabling a the mobile phone as one of the new platforms for this convergence. The new unit is called "Siemens Communications Group" and it merges the previous: "Information and Communication Networks (ICN)" and "Information and Communication Mobile (ICM)" units.

Siemens are now one of the largest software companies in Europe, despite traditionally having had a very hardware/engineering focused reputation. They started as a telegraph company in the 19th century, and built the world's first electric railway. They are proud of their long history of excellence in engineering, and rightly so, see their corporate website Siemens' history for full details with images.
Siemens have had a huge influence in Ireland because they won the contract to construct the Shannon hydroelectric power plant, the first major project in the independent Irish Free State.
Siemens are very active in research networks, including telecommunications, and the TSSG work with them on a number of EU funded projects.

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