15 November 2004

IST Event 2004

A group of six of us TSSG folks (Willie Donnelly, Mícheál Ó Foghlú, Miguel ponce de Leon, Kevin Doolin, Chris Chedgey, John Ronan, and Micheál Crotty) are here in The Hauge at the IST Event 2004 (Mon 15th November to Wednesday 17th November 2004) .

The TSSG have three demonstrations on two stands in the exhibition, and a number of contributions to Networking Sessions as well as planned formal and informal meetings:

F4.3 Touching Mobile Research
TSSG & Testbed Botnia

W4.1 Towards matching e-Europe 2005: IPv6, Broadband and 3G' IPv6 Cluster & 6POWER [6POWER]
IPv6 Cluster: SEINIT & Daidalos project controbutions from the TSSG

Towards a global dependability and security framework in WP 2005-2006: paving the way for FP7

Emerging security technologies

LivingLabs - making technology relevant!

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