29 December 2004

Perl Code Kata: testing Imports

Useful guide to testing perl imports: perl.com: Perl Code Kata: Testing Imports

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18 December 2004

W3C releases "Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One" as a recommendation

On 15th December 2004 the W3C released the "Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One" as a recommendation.
Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One

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14 December 2004

MUCS 2004

I am attending MUCS2004 | 2nd International Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services.

This workshop is sponsored by the M-Zones HEA PRTLI Cycle 3 programme.

The partners include WIT, CIT and TCD.

The keynote speakers are:

  • John Strassner, TeleManagement Forum, USA: "Next Generation Management Challenges for Ubiquitous Computing"
  • Prof Lajos Hanzo, Southhampton University, UK: "In pursuit of Interference-free Wireless Communications"
  • Prof Morris Sloman, Imperial College London, UK: "Adaptive Management and Security for Ubiquitous Systems"

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Python and VMs

Jon Udell describes The present and future value of Python. This looks at the trend towards reevaluating the worth of dynamic scripting languages, especially those that link to virtual machines.

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