6 February 2005

Computing Research Grand Challenges

A recent posting on the
Computing Research Policy Blog
(US-based) drew my attention to this announcement on the British Computer Society (BCS) website: BCS Report on Computing Research Challenges

In fact it looks like this activity is funded by the UK Computing Research Committee, a cross professional body BCS/IEE/CPHC expert panel, with support from EPSRC and NeSC.

The process seems to have been going on for a number of years centred around the following committees, and involving some conferences to discuss progress:

GC0: Steering (Initial membership) Wendy Hall (Southampton, Chair), Robin Milner (Cambridge), Karen Sparck-Jones (Cambridge)

GC1: In Vivo--In Silico
Andrew Bangham (East Anglia), Luca Cardelli (Microsoft),
Ronan Sleep (East Anglia)

GC2: Science for the Global Ubiquitous Computer
Marta Kwiatkowska (Birmingham), Robin Milner (Cambridge),
Vladimiro Sassone (Sussex)

GC3: Memories for Life
Andrew Fitzgibbon (Oxford), Wendy Hall (Southampton),
Ian Horrocks (Manchester), Ehud Reiter (Aberdeen), Nigel Shadbolt (Southampton)

GC4: Scalable Ubiquitous Computing Systems
Dan Chalmers (Sussex), Jon Crowcroft (Cambridge),
Morris Sloman (Imperial)

GC5: The Architecture of Brain and Mind
Mike Denham (Plymouth), Steve Furber (Manchester),
Mark Lee (Aberystwyth), Murray Shanahan (Imperial),
Aaron Sloman (Birmingham)

GC6: Dependable Systems Evolution
Cliff Jones (Newcastle), Peter O'Hearn (Queen Mary),
Jim Woodcock (York)

GC7: Journeys in Nonclassical Computation
Samson Abramsky (Oxford), Andrew Adamatzky (W. of England),
Susan Stepney (York), Jon Timmis (Kent)

This is a good overview of basic research challenges in the Computer Science space, with some overlap into other disciplines.

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