9 February 2005

Study: 2004 was 'turnaround' year for telecom industry

InfoWorld: Study: 2004 was 'turnaround' year for telecom industry: February 01, 2005: By : NETWORKING : TELECOM This article on InfoWorld highlights what a lot of us are feeling, that things are on the up again for Telcos. I hope this leads to progress in convergence and some real penetration of value-added services into the Telcos' networks.

Independent telecom analyst Jeff Kagan called the report good news for the telecom industry. "Telecom was growing until it hit a brick wall a few years ago," Kagan said in an e-mail. "By late 2004 it seemed obvious that telecom was getting hot again. I think 2004 was the turn-around year and 2005 will hit the ground running, both domestically and worldwide. Phone companies and wireless companies and cable companies are spending again and investing in their networks and getting ready for a new level of competition with each other."

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