31 March 2005

Synthesis - WS vs REST

Bill de hモra tries to draw together some threads in the various debates on REST and WS-* over the past few years and proposes a list of challenges for each camp in the hope that some form of mutual constructive debate can lead to synthesis: Bill de hモra: Synthesis

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28 March 2005

MS to buy Groove Networks

Shane Dempsey notes that Microsoft to buy Groove Networks. He cross references a full article on this in Grid Computing Planet.
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22 March 2005


This site passed me by until reminded by Jon Udell's recent post: Jon Udell: Upcoming events in Keene, NH

The idea is that anyone can join in and advertise event linked to "metros", metropolitan areas. You can create new metros as needed. Jon was bemoaning th lack of the critcal mass effect for this free service (as opoosed to Flickr for uploading and sharing images that has really taken off, and has just been bought over by Yahoo!).

The RSS feeds and iCal events that can be autogenerated (and subscribed to) from the Upcoming.org entries give it the potential to add real value to the networked blogosphere....

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21 March 2005

SOAP/REST summation

Middleware Matters: SOAP vs. REST: stop the madness - Vinoski and Udell agree that people should just use what they need and drop the rivalry. Hear, hear.

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Tutorial on XHTML

There used to be loads of HTML tutorials on-line, and that's how I picked up things in the early days of the web. I haven't seen so many up to date versions, but this seems close: XHTML Tutorial

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US Basic Research Funding

This posting discusses basic research funding in the USA Computing Research Policy Blog: Industry Continues to Push for Basic Research, White House Growing Defensive

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18 March 2005

Jon Udell: Don't throw out the SOAP with the bathwater!

Interesting that Jon Udell seems to be quoted by REST proponents and SOAP proponents Jon Udell: Don't throw out the SOAP with the bathwater

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17 March 2005

St Patrick's Day in Waterford

I have posted a few photographs in a Flickr set showing the St Patrick's Day Parade crowds gathering in Waterford this year 17th March 2005.

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16 March 2005

13 March 2005

McGrath still sceptical about SOAP

Sean McGrath is still sceptical about SOAP success stories: Sean McGrath, CTO, Propylon

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The Integrators Dilema (REST/WS-*)

Sober reflections on REST and web services WS-* Bill de hモra: The integrator's dilemma

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Bill de hモra posts a good list of podcasts: Bill de hモra: Podlinks

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10 March 2005


Various SOAP vs REST debates rumble on.

It is good to see some sanity remaining: Middleware Matters: SOAP vs. REST -- huh? (Steve Vinoski)
1+1 = 0 (Christopher Ferris)

For information about SOAP see W3C SOAP 1.2 and SOAP Discussion.

For information about Representational State Transfer (REST) see the REST WiKi, in particular see Roy Fielding's dissertation and Fielding and Taylor's ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, Vol. 2, No. 2, May 2002, Pages 115 - 150 article.

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UML 2.0 Activity Diagrams

Martin Fowler's advice on UML Activity Diagrams MF Bliki: UmlActivityDiagram. He suggests using Conrad Bock's articles on UML 2.0

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Insider news on XML standardisation

Eric Newcomer's post Eric Newcomer's Weblog: This Week - XML at W3C TP gives an insight into the XML standardisation processes in the W3C. For example it was interesting to hear that recinding XML 1.1 was discussed!

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2 March 2005

Computer Scientists oppose anti-P2P law suit

This posting Computing Research Policy Blog: Seventeen Computer Scientists File Amicus in Grokster links to an interesting discussion on the submission by a number of computer scientists to the legal debate on p2p networks. Waht's interesting for me is the link to the end-to-end arguent in systems design, and the security implications of this. The summary and comments on the website are informative.....

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Over 60 million web sites

This month's Netcraft web server survey Netcraft: March 2005 Web Server Survey Finds 60 Million Sites finds over 60 million web sites.

The milestone comes just nine months after the survey crossed the 50-million mark in May 2004, as the growth of the Web continues to accelerate, approaching the dizzying pace of the height of the Internet boom. During the year 2000, the number of sites found by the Netcraft survey doubled from 10 million to 20 million in just seven months. More recently, it took 13 months for the Web to grow from 40 million to 50 million sites.

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