24 June 2005

Rebutting IPv6 Myths

Twenty Myths and Truths About IPv6 and the US IPv6 Transition
Sensible set of home truths about IPv6 from Alex Lightman.... in the form of rebuttals for 20 myths of IPv6 and the USA:

  1. Myth: There is no need for IPv6.

  2. Myth: IPv4 works well enough. Everything that can be done in v6 can be done with v4.

  3. Myth: The market will take care of IPv6, if IPv6 is useful.

  4. Myth: No, really, the market will take care of IPv6! The Dept. of Commerce says so!

  5. Myth: The U.S. federal government has a vision, mission, and a plan for IPv6.

  6. Myth: The Dept. of Defense will be implementing IPv6 by 2008, and the DoD invented the Internet, so it's going to happen just like last time around.

  7. Myth: Federal agencies are taking IPv6 into consideration already.

  8. Myth: Federal agencies don't need to know about IPv6 yet. It doesn't matter.

  9. Myth: Classified networks require air gap separation between them and non-classified networks, so if they aren't hardwired together, there shouldn't be a problem.

  10. Myth: OK, so what's the problem if hackers use IPv6 to access confidential or classified information? If no one has IPv6 plans, then I can't be held responsible.

  11. Myth: The U.S. is not behind Japan or other countries. All they've done is put IPv6 in some buildings, dorm rooms, and taxis. Big deal.

  12. Myth: No one is keeping track of who is leading in IPv6.

  13. Myth: The U.S. government doesn't have a good track record in leading technology

  14. Myth: IPv6 doesn't impact the economy or international trade in any significant way.

  15. Myth: US companies are always the leaders in technology.

  16. Myth: China is a third world country, and their use of IPv6 is irrelevant.

  17. Myth: If the U.S. federal government spends money on the Internet, it benefits everyone, and the U.S. doesn't get any special advantage, or return on investment.

  18. Myth: IPv6 doesn't impact the lives of ordinary people or "Joe Six Pack."

  19. Myth: IPv6 is already completed, so the U.S. government has nothing to say.

  20. Myth: IPv6 is boring. Even the name is boring, and hard to remember.

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