23 October 2005

Irish Broadband: An Embarassment

Having just come back from eChallenges 2005 (Slovenia) the most embarassing thing for me as an Irish delegate is how far down the table of broadband penetration Ireland lies. It really does show us to be the laggards of Europe and not the leaders.

"This time the survey comes courtesy of ECTA, the European association of alternative telecom service providers, which positioned Ireland 14th out of the 15 European Union Member States. Embarrassingly, the report shows that Ireland has been overtaken in terms of broadband penetration by some of the new EU member states, like Hungary, Slovenia and Lithuania."

From: ElectricNews.net:News:Ireland gets poor marks for broadband

This poor performance doesn't surprise me as I am more than willing to pay for ADSL but it still is not available in my town in rural Co. Waterford.

Posted by mofoghlu at October 23, 2005 5:53 AM
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