23 January 2006

Python web development framework

Django | The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines

I know that it's getting harder to pick web development frameworks as they multiply, but my recent reading suggests that this may be one to watch as a Python alternative to Ruby on Rails.

Jeremy Jones' post to the O'Reilly ONLamp.com weblog gives some gory details from a real developer's perspective.

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3 January 2006

Classic Books

Bill de hモra: Two classic hardbacks

Bill's weblog is a constant steam of excellent coment. His recent review of the year of his own blog highlighted this exellent commentary on Structure And Interpretation of Computer Programs

For every programmer that adores this book, there's probably five who don't and ten who've never come across it, and if they did, would think it irrelevant to their working lives. I can sympathize with those fifteen programmers having been one of them. All the code in the book is in Scheme. That's a barrier right there because it means most people will have to learn a non-algol language to understand the book. But given the range and depth this book succeeds in covering, it's definitely the case that Scheme is a good choice. Given the first edtion was published in 1985 (I think), it's hard to imagine it being done in any other language. Smalltalk was another powerful language available at the time, but then again, Objects don't appear for 200 pages (in section three).

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