6 February 2006

Bill de hモra on Web frameworks

This is an interesting posting Bill de hモra: Web frameworks reloaded. Just use.... In it Bill de hモra describes Plone, Struts, Django and Rails - his favourite four web programming frameworks. In a similar posting last year Hitting reload is the framework job he stated his problem:
I'm building a simple enough web app, to manage some project related data. Without claiming the ability to see around corners, I'm quite sure this app will grow over time because the data it's working against is nebulous and that will push for more and more views. The main decision so far has been to keep data in XML+RDF
And then went on to argue why choosing a suitable framework was so hard (e.g. not wishing to enter the Zope "parallel world"). Revisiting the situation now he finds more hope with 4 stacks being front runners: In neither case does he mention any Perl-based frameworks. Fair enough, I suppose, though he could have mentioned Catalyst if only to dismiss it. I like the way that "... using FastCGI, the same Catalyst application will run under IIS, Zeus, Apache or lighttpd. If you use Apache you can also run your application with any version of mod_perl". It's real power comes from the mature alternatives in CPAN, but you probably need to be familiar with these to dive in here. Posted by mofoghlu at February 6, 2006 1:21 PM
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