6 May 2006

How to Quote in an RSS/Atom Feed Content

Bill de hモra on There's no such thing as neutral content:

"lets look at how I quoted Rick. I started with his name and post title, followed by the quote. That style of quoting - "someone at this link said this: - " is quite deliberate. I call it "Ruby Quoting", since I picked it up from reading Sam Ruby's weblog. The reason I use it is because this post will be pumped through any number of aggregators including ones that will strip out the structure and indentation that makes the quote visually distinctive, as is the case with traditional media like print, or with HTML web pages. At quick glance or topline scanning (typical reading modes for feeds), the quote can be mistaken as your words. The lead in helps avoid that from happening."

Interesting, I'll try adopting this style of quotation.

Posted by mofoghlu at May 6, 2006 5:07 PM
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