9 June 2006

IPv6 Forum Roadmap & Vision

The IPv6 Forum has released its IPv6 Forum Roadmap & Vision document.

Ladid, Latif and Bound, Jim and Pouffary, Yanick and Rich, Yurie and Green, David (2006) IPv6 Forum Vision 2010 Roadmap. In: The IPv6 Forum World Congress, 21-22 February 2006, Las Vegas.

This document was based on discussions at the IPv6 World Congress in February 2006, Las Vegas, and on subsequent discussions.

The document combines a technical perspective and overview (drawing on the core expertise of the IETF members who specified the RFCs that make up IPv6, and related industrial and academic research expertise), and a business case overview. The report places these perspectives within the context of models predicting when IPv4 address shortage will start to happen, and when this shortage have a major impact on the Internet as we know it (e.g. Tony Hain's IANA IPv4 Pool Depletion Model Internet protocol Journal article and Updates to model).

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