12 October 2006

IFUP-IT Report


You can join in on-line if you are running Windows XP and install the client software from: IFUP-ICT 2006 On-Line.

Plenary (Day One)

I can see a trend on how the use of "Convergence" has been taken up outside the technical meaning of converged IT (Information Iechnology) and Telecommunications into ICT (Information Communications Technologies). For me the term, though vague, does have a firm technology basis of the adoption of the Internet's TCP/IP infrastructure (an unreliable packet-based data network with higher layers that introduce reliability) - thus everying becomes digital and everything uses the Internet, most dramatically telephone calls as VoIP (Voice over IP). Unna Huh, President, Information and Communications University (ICU), Korea (pictured above, bottom right) has just opened the proceedings (I am blogging from Daejeon in the audience) with a general word on the convergence of industry and academia, and many other convergences. The theme of the conference is that of the role of the academy in preparing graduates and postgraduates for this changed world, with a focus on telecommunications engineering and applied computer science "Educating IT Manpower for the 21st Century - the IT Talent that the Global Industry Desires".

Parallel 1A


I was very interested in the presentation by Jan Rembowski (ENST, France) on the graduate programmes in Telecom Paris. They have a system of sharing elements of their postgraduate degree programmes, located in the research park in Sophie Antipolis and delivered through English.

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