26 January 2007

BarCamp SouthEast

TSSG boardroom

View from Southeast Barcamp on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Well I am really sorry that I missed an event hosting in my own building BarCamp SouthEast!!!! That's the breaks when schedules don't work out. I was triple booked last Saturday, and with a one year old daughter, family comes first at the weekends.

So sorry to all the cool presenters who came to the TSSG building (or to use the new name the ArcLabs Research & Innovation Centre, that is a abstract concept encompassing the TSSG research guys, and related innovation activities in WIT including the Centre for Entrepreneurship).

I was glad to see that the event had a good web/RSS/Atom presence, and I saw loads of photos of places I recognise, including this one from Bernie Goldbach, here's a list of Photos on Flickr tagged with BarCamp and SouthEast.

Posted by mofoghlu at January 26, 2007 11:33 AM