28 January 2007

IE TLD domain registration

Michele Neylon comments on issues facing top level domain registrars IE Namespace: We Need Personal Domains!

Circle ID says of him: "Michele Neylon is MD of an Irish hosting and domain registration company.
He is also involved with the Irish Internet Association (http://www.iia.ie ) and the ISP Association or Ireland (http://www.ispai.ie ).
He currently sits on the enum353 policy advisory board where he acts as the Irish Internet Association's representative."

I have tended to avoid .ie domains myself (and for my work) as the process was too cumbersome, and paper-bound, and also more expensive than ".net",".org" or even ".com" if you could find a free name. Perhaps these initiatives in the IEDR will make it easier for us to use ".ie" for our domains in future... Good luck with it!

Posted by mofoghlu at January 28, 2007 11:55 AM