26 January 2007

Three Open Source Projects

Paul Watson cites Linux, Apache and Mozilla as the three main open source projects Life is grand サ The Three, on a thread started with O'Reilly's Nat Torkington who asked what the three most important open source projects were.

This reminds me of the old argument about whether Linux should be called GNU/Linux, as Linux is actually just the kernel, and what makes it a great platform is all of the other software that can use the kernel (like the GCC compiler, and even the "ls" command to list files, and the "bash" shell to type built-in commands). So if I could modify Linux to GNU/Linux I'd agree. One might also think of sendmail which helped provide the other major Internet service that drove the adoption of the Internet outside academia - email.

Posted by mofoghlu at January 26, 2007 12:05 PM