7 May 2007

WebCamp on Emerging Mobile Internet in UCD 17th May 2007

WebCamp on Emerging Mobile Internet in UCD approaches (May 17th) at Cloudlands

Thanks to John Breslin for publicising the event on his blog, I'm prompted to do the same, as I should as I will be speaking at the event.

The second WebCamp event on Emerging Mobile Internet is approaching. The event will be held in UCD Dublin on 17th May 2007, it's free, and you can signup now on the WebCamp wiki here.

The speakers include:
* Keith Bradley - Changing Worlds
* Frederic Herrera - The National Digital Research Centre (NDRC)
* TBC - NewBay Software
* Hélène Haughney - Nubiq Ltd.
* Steven Strachen - Hamilton Institute, NUI Maynooth
* Mícheál Ó Foghlú - TSSG, Waterford IT
* Kieran Mahon - Vodafone Ireland
* Karen Church - Adaptive Information Cluster, UCD

If you're interested in any of the following topics, it sounds like it's going to be a very interesting day.
* Mobile Internet applications
* Mobile search and browsing
* Behavioural studies / analysis of mobile Web usage
* Challenges of the mobile Internet
* HCI on the mobile Internet
* Usability of mobile devices and services
* User interfaces for mobile devices
* Improving / enhancing content, infrastructure and billing models
* Mobile Web 2.0
* Content authoring/user generated content from mobile devices

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