17 May 2007

WebCamp on Emerging Mobile Internet in UCD 17th May 2007

Well I went to the WebCamp on the Emerging Mobile Internet (UCD, 17th May 2007) and really enjoyed it.

Here are my slides PDF Slides.

My talk was Talk 6 and there's a linked blog discussion here: Talk 6 Blog.

I've posted a short summary of my talk there, and I'll cross post here.

The talk took the title of the WebCamp literally, and looked at issues of the "Emerging Mobile Internet".

For me the Internet is the TCP/IP suite of protocols, that includes application layer stuff like http, but is based on the underlying architecture of packet switching and naming at lower layers. For me the biggest issue here is the broken architecture of the Internet itself where NAT forces services and applications to try and get around the issue of machines not have real publicly addressable identities (IP addresses), and where every packet is changed en route by middle boxes to the detriment of efficiency. My slides showed that we'll run out of centrally assigned IANA /8 blocks of IPv4 addresses in 2009/2010 and then regional registries will have problems fulfilling requests within another year or two from then. IPv6 solves the address shortage issue, and also opens up the Internet architecture to again allow any device to offer a service to another device (the end-to-end principle), allowing innovate p2p services.

At the high service and application levels the main issues for me are: (i) how Internet telephony can be made to work without opening up telephony to spam (as email, blog comments, blog trackbacks, and all such are due to the open nature of identity on the Internet, and the low level of default/assumed security) and (ii) how the mobile web should ideally be designed to be the same as the real web, that there should just be one web, with different presentations on desktops and mobile phones, but the same back-end services.

Update 2007-06-03 My slides have been published on slideshare.

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