11 June 2007

Adobe Re-brands Apollo multimedia technology as "Air" -- Adobe Integrated Runtime

I've blogged before on the emerging abstraction layers for programming, or "Rich Internet Applications", blurring the line between the browser and the desktop.

It seems the area is hotting up. the latest news is that Adobe has re-branded its Apollo framework as "Air"-- Adobe Integrated Runtime. See this InformationWeek article for a review Adobe Renames Apollo, Pushes Rich Internet Apps -- Adobe Integrated Runtime -- InformationWeek

The battle to dominate interactive, graphical Internet application platforms just got kicked up a notch. Adobe Monday announced it has re-branded its Apollo multimedia technology that lets Internet applications run outside a browser as the Adobe Integrated Runtime, or Air, and released it into beta with new features along with the first beta of Flex 3.0, Adobe's development framework for Flash and now Air.

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