16 June 2007

Enterprise Ireland IMS Workshop


On the 5th June Enterprise Ireland hosted a workshop on IMS (the IP Multimedia Subsystem that is the standard at the heart of emerging data and voice in Fixed-Mobile Convergence for the telecommunications industry). The main guest speaker was our colleague Professor Thomas Magedanz of Fraunhofer Institut für Offene Kommunikationssysteme FOKUS, Berlin; he's also a visiting professor in Waterford Institute of Technology working with the TSSG on a number of Irish and EU funded research projects. Amongst other things in his presentation he was promoting his Open IMS Playground, which we use as an integrated testbed between the TSSG and FOKUS.

The TSSG has started a website to track the Enterprise Ireland ILRP (Industry-Led Research Programme) IMS ARCS, in which FOKUS are a partner, and a recent posting on that site summarises the purpose of the workshop, and gives links to all the presentations made EI IMS Workshop | IMS ARCS Project.

In fact I was originally due to share the platform and speak at this Enterprise Ireland workshop covering some background on the TSSG, and giving some initial details of the new IMS ARCS programme. Robert Mullins of the TSSG deputised for me and gave this presentation.

So watch this space for future news on the TSSG's research in IMS, or track the IMS ARCS project directly on its own website. RSS feeds of the blogs are available as well.

IMS ARCS is an Industry Lead Research Programme (ILRP) lead by the Telecommunications Software & Systems Group (TSSG) in Waterford. The IMS ARCS project is building a platform to facilitate the creation of IMS based services so that companies can tap into this market more quickly and easily, while ensuring consumers are not swamped by the resultant proliferation of services. As part of this work, a world class IMS Test Bed will be set up by TSSG.

The vision of the IMS ARCS project is an environment where end-users can be immersed in a world of diverse IP-based media, voice or data services that can be received off any number of network types. The IMS ARCS platform will allow services to be selected and personalised based on the everyday needs of the end-user and on their current context. Every user’s experience of the network and its services will be differentiated by the user’s defined requirements, their past usage and their current context.

These services will be supported by the provisioning of both existing and next generation network technology including both scalable and seamless integration of multiple heterogeneous networks, and ad-hoc and sensor networks. This will encourage and empower network and service operators to create new business opportunities and profitable services in an integrated mobile world.

IMS ARCS (EI ILRP) Partners:

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