13 June 2007

OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) Announces Requirements for IMS

The OMTP (Open Mobile Terminal Platform) announced on 12th June 2007 that it had completed its set of requirements that lay the foundations for the seamless deployment of IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) applications and services and pave the way for a more consistent end-user experience.

While many in the mobile industry believe that IMS will play a significant role in the future of data services, there are issues over the practicalities of deployment, which need addressing to enable IMS to truly deliver on its potential:

  • The applications that will built on IMS must be able to consistently access any necessary services;
  • The way in which applications respond upon receiving incoming IMS events must be defined;
  • The end-user must have a consistent and coherent experience;
  • Specifications must be consolidated and tiered for widespread uptake.

In its current form the IMS proposition fails to sufficiently address these four key areas and falls short of the full end-to-end experience that is required. OMTP’s requirements detail the steps needed to address these fundamental issues.

Tim Raby, OMTP CEO commented, “Despite the issues around its deployment, IMS delivers a host of potential benefits for operators, not least the ability to improve Quality of Service for end-users. For this to become a reality however there is a certain amount of ‘knitting’ needed to join up various elements. Our requirements give clear guidance to ensure IMS has the opportunity to deliver on its promises.”

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