28 August 2007

Zimbie launches beta Instant Messaging client/server for automated IM-"bots"

Another TSSG spin-out company, Zimbie (not fully launched yet), has just released a public beta of their software that allows users to easily setup automated Instant Messaging "bots" (robots to automate tasks). The idea is that what appears to be another friend on your IM buddy list actually talks to a server that performs some task and returns the result as text in an IM chat. The Zimbie client itself can allow the bot to return more complex data than just text, but you don't have to use teh Zimbe client to access a bot, any IM reader will do. The aim of the beta release is to demonstrate the ease of setting up a bot without doing any programming.

The beta release has attracted some attion on the blogosphere: Blognation Conor O'Neill), Cloudlands (John Breslin), KillerStartups, and more.

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