20 January 2008

Nework Neutrality arguments rumble on in the US

In this article David Isenberg critiques Scott Cleland's assertion that telcos need to disciminate against certain traffic for reasons of network management The Network Management Excuse.

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Ireland has 2nd higest percentage of IPv6 DNS entries

In this interesting analysis of actual IPv6 deployment (for http - web servers, smtp - email server and dns - domain name servers) Examining Actual State of IPv6 Deployment it seems that Ireland is doing quite well in terms of DNS with 14% of our sites having an IPv6 address - not a high score but 2nd only to Lithuania. We have don't fare so well in have 4.1% of our mail servers IPv6 enabled - above the median in 35th place, and 38% of our web servers enabled - below the median around 80th.

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18 January 2008


I am here in Amsterdam speaking at a Marcus Evans conference on 9th Annual Signalling Systems for Future Telecoms (Exploring the Future of Networks and Interconnect for an All-IP World), quite a mouthful but a really good event.

The first talk today was from Martin Stiemerling (NEC) who co-chairs the IETF nsis activity: Next Steps in Signaling (nsis) Charter. This is a fascinating development allowing flexible in-band signalling and QoS (Quality of Service) negotiation over IP routed networks.

As usual the main problem with any inter-domain QoS across the Internet is a business issue, rather than a technical one of standards: why would any network operator give some other operator's customers priority on their networks, so most QoS systems are applied within a single network autonomous system only, administered by a single operator. So just because I think my VoIP is important, doesn't mean every operator in my path will agree, even if the standards allow them to.

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