4 February 2009

Press Coverage of Irish IPv6 Summit

Minister Ryan and Micheal O Foghlu

The picture shows Mícheál Ó Foghlú (Executive Director Research, TSSG) and the Eamonn Ryan (Minister of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources) at the opening of the Irish IPv6 Summit on Wednesday 28th January 2009. Over 150 delegates from industry and the public sector attended. Many had a technical networking background, and others had a decision making and/or policy role within their organisations.

The main message of the event was that the current Internet infrastructure relies for growth on the availability of IPv4 addresses, and that all predictions now converge on exhaustion of the address space within the next 3 to 5 years. This is a very short time in terms of planning migration to a new network infrastructure. The only potential candidate to replace IPv4 is IPv6. Though there are many interesting research approaches that may lead to interesting alternatives, none can produce an agreed standard for deployment in the short time required.

The TSSG were very happy to organise the event, with the Irish IPv6 Task Force, on Wednesday 28th January 2009. The event was streamed live over IPv4 and IPv6, and video clips of all talks, and PDF versions of all slides will be made available on the main event website.

WIT published a Press Release.

The event was covered in the Irish Times the following day in the Finance section, see the TSSG Press Page.

RTE Radio recorded a special on-line feature on the event that can be streamed from RTE Special Feature.

The event was supported by the TSSG (Waterford IT), HEAnet (Ireland's National Research Network) and DCENR (Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources).

The event was sponsored by The Internet Society (ISOC), Ireland's Domain Registry (IEDR) and Hutchison 3G Ireland (Three).

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