21 June 2009

3 upgrade Irish mobile data infrastructure with NSN equipment


3 and Nokia Siemens Networks complete radio technology upgrade and demonstrate Ireland’s first roll out of I-HSPA

It is nice to see investment in faster mobile broadband being rolled out in Ireland. This is a direct result of the government's (DCENR rural broadband scheme) choice to contract out rural broadband to mobile, and this decision has already had some positive benefit. Hopefully the other mobile operators will follow suit. Hopefully as well it will not lead to the stagnation of fixed broadband, that currently can offer better performance when the infrastructure is there to support it.

Nokia Siemens Networks' I-HSPA (Internet High-Speed Packet Access) technology is currently being rolled out as part of the National Broadband Scheme, and will be extended to 3's existing network in Ireland. It is the first commercial deployment of I-HSPA in Ireland.
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