16 June 2009

GlowCaps CONNECT: network enabled pill boxes!


This is a good example of how we are indeed moving towards an "Internet of Things" where everyday items become network enabled, and new services are built to explicit this new communications ability.

Vitality - GlowCaps Connect

The idea is that a patient who has to take regular medication can use these networked enabled pill box lids to help them track that they have taken their medication on schedule. The devices come with a warning lamp that can be plugged into any electrical socket in the house; this device communicates back to the pill box and glows a warning colour when it is time to take medications. The system can also dispatch weekly emails to a supportive family member. It seems that it being marketed as an integrated service where the end user rings a phone number to setup his required schedule. The information is also passed on to the doctor, so the patient is more accountable.

  • Personal Reminders GlowCaps flash and play a melody so you don’t forget. They can even call your home phone to remind you (optional).

  • Social Network Support: Send a weekly update to a friend, family member or caregiver (optional).

  • Refill Coordination: GlowCaps count your pills and remind you to order refills from your pharmacy before you run out.

  • Doctor Accountability: Each month, GlowCaps mail you and your doctor a report with incentives if you exceed your adherence goal

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