11 September 2009

Interview on WLR FM local radio: Enterprise Ireland funding success €1.7M

The TSSG has had some really great recent success with Enterprise Ireland research funding. The full press release, published Friday 11th September 2009, is on the TSSG website.

Based on this the local radio station in Waterford, WLR FM, contacted me and I did an interview with Mark Power on Friday morning, and it was broadcast on the Friday lunchtime news; I've just uploaded the MP3 Interview WLR FM Fri 2009-09-11 (I've backdated this post to Friday 11th Sep 2009 for ease of reference).

This was a public announcement of a process that dated back to the first half of this year, in fact I am just signinging off on our latestest bactch of proposals going into the next round of Enterprise Ireland CF-TD and PoC funding. The news was that the TSSG/3CS brought in €1.7M in funding in the last Enterprise Ireland round of research funding, with funding for 7 new projects: 3 CF-TDs (larger projects aimed at developing commercial grade software implementations of a research idea), and 4 PoCs (smaller projects aimed at proving whether a concept is feasible by develping a prototype and a market analysis). The TSSG employs 150 people funded by HEA, SFI, EU FP7 and Enterprise Ireland funding programmes. We have a track record of 120 projects and €60M in funding. Our second building is now being constructed in WIT's West Campus in Carriganore.

Well done to everyone who continually works so hard on the proposals that make the TSSG possible. If we didn't bring in the funding to fund our existence, nothing else would be possible.

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