14 October 2009

EI Big Ideas Showcase 2009

RTE.ie Media Player: Six One News 13 October 2009

TSSG had 4 projects/companies featured at Enterprise Ireland's Big Ideas Showcase, making us the most prominant ICT centre displaying at the show.

  • IMS-ARCS (preparing Ireland's indistry for IP-based IMS telecommunications software services)
  • Zolk C (next generation mobile solutions for heritage sites)
  • Feedhenry (flexible standard-scompliant widget platform for dynamic site content)
  • 3CS (Enterprise Ireland's ARE centre that underpins the commercial division of the TSSG)

In the RTE news clip from, yesterday's 6 o'clock news, our stand features (you can see 3CS, IMS-ARCS and Zolk C stands) along with Deirdre Morrissey (TSSG Marketing Manager) and Joe O'Reilly (of Raser/FeedHenry). Unfortunately our interviews didn't make the final cut.

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