19 November 2009

IMS-ARCS @ Digital Hub - Stakeholder Meeting

IMS-ARCS @ Digital Hub - Stakeholder Meeting
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This morning I attended the stakeholder meeting of IMS ARCS (http://www.ims-arcs.org) project.

This is an interesting project partly because of the funding mechanism. It is an Enterprise Ireland ILRP, Industry-Led Research Programme. These programmes are defined by a group of industrial partners, who then use Enterprise Ireland funding to fund the research activity in Higher Education Institutions in Ireland. This can be seen as the Irish equivalent (on a smaller scale) of the EU Technology Platforms (EUTPs http://cordis.europa.eu/technology-platforms/).

The project is also interesting as it tracks a major trend in telecommunications: the emergence of the IMS platform (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and the dominant paradigm for fixed-mobile convergence, and for the migration of telecommunications networks to the use of Internet protocols.

The TSSG has used its existing expertise, and the new expertise and market intelligence gathered during this, and other projects, to help create a national IMS testbed. We will be launching this testbed formally early next year.
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