3 November 2009

TSSG EU FP7 ICT Call 5 - 41 proposals submitted

This day last week say the extended deadline of EU FP7 ICT Call 5. This is the call, like Call 1 before it, where most topics of relevance to the TSSG come up. I am very pleased to say that the team in the TSSG really engaged with the process, and was involved in the successful submission of 41 project proposals. That's just under one proposal each for every researcher in the TSSG who is funded by EU funding (we're about 150 in total, and around 60 are funded from EU funding). Of course, the rest of the organisation gave considerable support as well, and we had one proposal that came from the commercialisation part of the TSSG, thanks to all of you.

Already the TSSG are the most successful research centre in Ireland at winning EU funding, with 16 active EU FP7 projects as of today (funded mainly through ICT Calls 1, 2, 3 and 4 over the past 2 years). We would have the expectation of at least some successes for these new proposals that have been submitted, and we await the results of the extensive review process. The larger Integrated Projects (IPs) have a review process that allows for clarifications with the proposal team at a panel meeting in Brussels; this should happen some time in Jan 2010 for highly ranked IPs.

The TSSG is built on successful project proposals, without funded projects we have no income and no way to pay our staff. So I am very proud of the huge efforts put in by the whole organisation, and in particular by the core EU funded researchers, who helped achieve this major milestone.

2009-11-19 UPDATE:
After a full audit of submissions there another one I didn't know about when I originally posted this information, so the total is actually 42 submissions with the TSSG as a partner (covering objectives 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.6, 3.5 and 9.2). There has been some interesting public analysis of the submissions to the call posted already http://www.euforskning.no/post/submissions-Call-5.aspx. This shows how many of each type of proposal were submitted under each of the strategic objectives of the call.

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