11 March 2010

Irish Innovation Task Force - STI Debate in Ireland - A personal Index of Sources


This posting tried to capture the key elements of the debate in Ireland on how best to use pubic funding to incentivise innovation, prior to the launch of the Irish Innovation Task Force Report on 11th March 2010.

An interesting debate has started up in Ireland in the past few months on the justification for Ireland's investment in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), now more usually called Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to emphasise the importance of the potential exploitation of the results of research by relevant industries.

This page aims to catalogue some primary inputs to this debate, and does not of itself espouse a particular position. For that see other articles I have published on Ireland and STI. This blog does not have comments enabled, so if you wish to comment please email me at mofoghlu attt tssg.org -- I am happy to add additional content as long is it available publicly on-line.

10 March 2010

NGN Test Centre Launch


The TSSG is Next Generation Network (NGN) Test Centre launch event in the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin was held on Wednesday 10th March 2010. NGN Test Centre.

Speakers included: Willie Donnelly (TSSG), Ulf Olsson (Ericsson), Shane Dempsey (NGN Test Centre), Anastasius Gavras (Eurescom), Ioannis Fikouras (Ericsson Sweden), Philip Sharpe (ISIN, Danu Technologies), Brendan Kearns (Eircom), Cathal McGloin (FeedHenry), and Catherine Mulligan (Ericsson).

A lively panel discussion was introduced and chaired by Chris Horn; I partcipated on the panel.

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9 March 2010

HTML5 canvas Tag

This simple online example is a great illustration of the power of HTML5:

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TSSG/FeedHenry at CTIA Wireless 2010


The TSSG will have a strong presence at CTIA Wireless event in the USA the week of the 22nd March 2010. One of our spin-out companies, FeedHenry, will be on the Enterprise Ireland sponsored Ireland Pavilion. Ironically, although the TSSG have been at this event every year for the past 5 years, this is the first time we've been part of the Ireland Pavilion. In previous years we've been guests on the Oracle stand or similraly hosted by other companies.

About FeedHenry:

FeedHenry is the leading innovator in pay-as-you-go cloud solutions for building and deploying cross-platform business and telecoms apps that will run natively on all smartphones, social media sites and browser start-pages from a single code base. We specialise in the development of sophisticated business and telecoms apps, that need to operate across mobile and social media channels, and which require business logic and storage in the cloud, secure integration with existing IT and telecoms systems and delivered to our customers as a complete end-to-end solution with full app lifecycle management and analytics.

About FeedHenry at CTIA Wireless on Ireland Pavilion

CTIA Wireless
March 23rd to 25th 2010, Las Vegas
Ireland Pavilion, Central Hall, C3, booth 1727

About CTIA Wireless

One of the Largest Technology Events in the World!

The International CTIA WIRELESS® show represents a $1 trillion global marketplace that brings together wireless and converged communications, wireless broadband, applications, mobile web and data.

For 25 years, International CTIA WIRELESS® has been THE premier marketplace for all things wireless. Don't miss 2010—guaranteed to be another crucial and groundbreaking event for the industry. Join us for the next era of Mobile Life!

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