11 March 2010

Irish Innovation Task Force - STI Debate in Ireland - A personal Index of Sources


This posting tried to capture the key elements of the debate in Ireland on how best to use pubic funding to incentivise innovation, prior to the launch of the Irish Innovation Task Force Report on 11th March 2010.

An interesting debate has started up in Ireland in the past few months on the justification for Ireland's investment in Science, Engineering and Technology (SET), now more usually called Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) to emphasise the importance of the potential exploitation of the results of research by relevant industries.

This page aims to catalogue some primary inputs to this debate, and does not of itself espouse a particular position. For that see other articles I have published on Ireland and STI. This blog does not have comments enabled, so if you wish to comment please email me at mofoghlu attt tssg.org -- I am happy to add additional content as long is it available publicly on-line.

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