26 May 2010

A busy calendar

The TSSG has been organising so many events over past 3 months that its been hard to keep up. Most of these events have had over 100 people from Irish academia and industry, engaging with various aspects of our activity set in the TSSG.

In addition we've taken part in a number of critical events, including an Enterprise Ireland information day on the Future Internet PPP call in EU FP7 (c.f. White Paper on FI PPP), as well as taking part locally in a WIT Research Day last Monday. The TSSG usually try and have 2-3 events in Dublin per year, but 2010 looks like being a bumper year for event organisation.

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21 May 2010

Patsy Phelan at FutureNet 2010

It is great to see the TSSG pushing some of its ideas at big events. Here we are helping re-think the Internet from scratch, by allowing experimentation immediately with any new form of networking protocol, directly programmed in Java. Patsy Phelan, one of our researchers who has been working on the EU FP7 project 4WARD, has been promoting the flexible software he has developed that allows us to deploy new or tweaked networking protocols, at any OSI layer, coded directly in Java. The platform will be released under an open source licence in the near future.

Welcome to FutureNet 2010. For over 10 years FutureNet has been the must attend event for service providers, IT managers, and consultants to stay ahead of the rapidly changing communications services market. This year is no different as we'll address the sustainability of the Internet for business, look at emerging trends around Ethernet, wireless, and SIP, and help you put together a "Green" strategy by evaluating new service options. We'll also examine the management and support strategies necessary to achieve success. We look forward to seeing you this year at FutureNet 2010 in Boston!

  • UPDATE 2010-09-10
  • Watch a screencast of Patsy's presentation
  • Miguel ponce de Leon blog post
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19 May 2010

Irish IPv6 Summit 2010 - a Great Success

IPv6 2010
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On Wed 19th May 2010 we held the 2nd successful Irish IPv6 Summit in Dublin Castle with an impressive array of international speakers, and a registered audience of over 100 delegates.

Pictured to the right are myself, Eamon Ryan TD (Minister of Communications), Roger O'Connor (Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources).

The event was streamed live over IPv4 and IPv6, and edited videos of the presentations will be available shortly. The slides for each presentation have been posted and are available now. The event received some good press coverage, including local radio coverage by WLRFM and press coverage by Silicon Republic.

We now look forward to further engagement with Irish industry and the public sector to help promote IPv6 in Ireland. Contact me if you would like to get involved.
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6 May 2010

Public Service Review: Science & Technology

The TSSG has published a series of editorials in Public Service review: Science & Technology. This lists them all with links to the on-line version.

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5 May 2010


TSSG - Telecommunications Software & Systems Group: FeedHenry, a TSSG Spin- Out Success!

Waterford, Tuesday May 5th 2010. The Telecommunication Software & Systems Group (TSSG) located at the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) is delighted to announce the official spin-off of FeedHenry, an award-winning software firm.

Dr. Willie Donnelly, Director of the TSSG and Head of Research and Innovation at Waterford Institute of Technology said, “FeedHenry is another successful commercialisation result from TSSG’s purpose-built commercial arm, the Centre for Converged Services (3CS). We believe that the application of technology and the exploitation of research is a key driver for Ireland’s economic growth. Leading research institutions like TSSG have a crucial role to play in en¬hancing Ireland’s economic competitiveness,” he said.

Read the full article featured in Silicon Republic here

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